Carrying on as a seamless natural progression from his last album “Not So Fast” Italian Weissenborn composer, performer and music author Giovanni Bailo has started where the tail end of that particular album ended. It was noted by myself at the time as the more refreshing aspect of the last album in respect to his use of washed out saturated reverbs to give a distinct ambient soundscape style to the later stages of “Not So Fast”. Looks like Giovanni has run with that approach here and given us an album that is warmer and lusher when compared directly to “Not So Fast”. I praise this gambit and I think it has worked beautifully. His playing seems looser and more fluid here and i for one love it.

Reviewing this album more as a soundtrack rather than a compilation of individual songs is probably the right approach here. It’s all about the ‘whole’ not the ‘individual’, laid back, tranquil and serene are the bywords here. A concept album in all but name then I suppose as it has “Lost Railroads ” as its central specific theme running through every track (pardon the pun). It offers the listener 35 minutes of super relaxing Weissenborn compositions that will sooth your soul. As a whole this album is a soundscape of lush saturated reverberated melodies and elegant slide refrains. The imagery of “Lost Railroads” is an easy one to imagine in your minds eye.

Giovanni is a master of delicate beautiful refrains and his style has been described by me in the past as recital in its delivery, controlled and executed in languid cadence that oozes charm and elegance that befits the steam train theme its packaged within. The feeling of melancholy and reflection is rife throughout these compositions. This is music for bygone era’s, imagery of black and white silent film clips populate your mind space and send you into a calm peaceful place that is infinitely relaxing. Tinged with splashes of sadness and remorse these tracks are emotive and immersive. The mood is never too somber or jolly it lovingly weaves in and out of both emotions with panache. 

An album to totally lose yourself in which is the greatest compliment I could give this album, a real stress buster that is a joy to listen too.

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Giovanni Bailo - "Lost Railroads"

Review By Aron Radford