Here's a Podcast you may like to watch that I did with Troy Brenningmeyer talking about the website and how fell in love the Weissenborn.

Aron Radford

The Big Idea!

   Hello my name is Aron Radford and i am the creator and administrator of this website and its sister site on Facebook. 

   "The Weissenborn Information Exchange" (or TWiE as it's often referred to within these walls) was a a concept born out of frustration. As a beginner myself years ago i was eager to research and discover all i could about this wonderful instrument online. My searches were somewhat laborious and often disappointing. But occasionally i would stumble upon a nugget of information that helped me either a little or a lot. I soon found out that although there were other sites pertaining to its past glories and modern day merchandising there was precious little useful information or inspirational material within for a beginner like myself at the time.

   So as these things often happen i decided on the spot one day to create a Facebook page dedicated to Weissenborns and the information i had thus far discovered. And so TWiE was born back in January 2013. At first the site celebrated the beauty of the instrument and featured many photos of the worlds best guitars and weissenborn luthiers. Also featuring heavily were (and still do to this day) YouTube videos of the best of the best players showing us all how it's done. But as time went on it was soon apparent that the renewed interest in this instrument was growing to a point where the page was receiving many, many emails and messages every week asking for advice or general information pointers.

   So after two years and some deliberation i took the plunge and created the site you're visiting today. One of the deciding factors to go www. was an increasing level of in-depth articles and interviews that i was entering into (and ones i have got plans for in the future). The FaceBook platform was very restricting in presentation capabilities and interesting posts simply got buried after a few months of further posts. So i felt i owned it to myself and the artists i was dealing with to give them and the instrument a stronger and more pronounced, permanent platform on the internet. Also i wanted to compile some databases of accumulated information that could be a permanent "Go to" resource for all weissenborn fans old and new. Pages like "On The Record", "Videos", "Luthiers", "Artists", "Tabs", "Articles", "Reviews" and "Links" will be constantly updated so keep coming back and check out what's been added.

   For now i will be running both the FB page and the website in tandem, but this website will start to feature exclusive articles, interviews and editorial as and when they present themselves which i will of course announce on the FB page (so please make sure you "like" us on FB and select "Get Notifications").

   It just remains for me to thank all the artists, luthiers and enthusiasts who have supported and contributed to TWiE over the years and I hope I can count on your continued support in the future, All the best Aron.