Kindly Donated & Tabbed by Roberto Diana, this is Roberto's original composition of "In My Mind" taken from his debut album "Raighes Vol 1"

A full lesson & Tab for Ed Gerhard's arrangement of "Killing The Blues" in open C tuning​ from

Kindly Donated & Tabbed by Roberto Diana, this is Roberto's original Sardinian composition of "Deus Ti Salvet"

A new "Lesson" based website for Weissenborn & Dobro. Familiar lesson structures, full length lesson video, PDF tablature & backing tracks. Very easy to follow and well constructed lessons. Checkout the excellent Weissenborn arrangement of "Time After Time" & "The Water is Wide"in Open D tuning.

This book is a collection of 16 instrumentals arranged for acoustic lap steel guitar in D and G tuning. Lovely Hawaiian tunes such as "Aloha Oe" are included as well as more bluesy selections such as "Whistlin' Blues" and "Careless Love." The book even includes an Irish ballad, "Down by the Sally Gardens," arranged specifically to be played on a lap steel guitar. Includes access to online audio.

Arrangements for a wide variety of music genres for solo Weissenborn or Dobro acoustic steel guitar in five different tunings: Open D, Open G, G/Emin7, D6th, and Dmaj7. All the arrangements are in both standard notation and tablature. 90 pages.

Kindly Donated & Tabbed by Dominique Burgaud, this is Dominique's original composition of "Mandovi River" in open D

The bright young talent that is Jacob Raagaard has kindly tabbed and donated his wonderful debut composition "Sundown Slide" to TWiE :-) 

The tab for Thomas's weissenborn version of "Oxy" has been kindly donated & tabbed by Olivier Daumillare

Kindly Donated & Tabbed by Luis Ferreira this is his looping cover version of U2's classic "With Or Without You"

The tab for Thomas's weissenborn version of "These Streets Were Clean" has been kindly donated & tabbed by Olivier Daumillare

The tab for Ben Harper's "Paris Sunrise #7" has been kindly donated & tabbed by Julien Decante & Olivier Daumillare

Aron Radford's interpretation of Ry Cooder's 'Paris Texas'

The tab for "Let It Not Be Lost" has been kindly donated by Thomas Oliver himself for hosting on this site. 

A Weissenborn tab of Jerry Douglas's "Rain On Olivia Town" as tabbed by Michael Haunschmid taken from his (now obsolete) website

A Weissenborn tab of David Lindley's classic Weissenborn tune "Look So Good". This is a scan from a page of Frets Magazine from 1986 (scan quality not great but good enough to read)

A guitar tab resource page created by Daddy Stove Pipe which offers free & payable weissenborn tabs and lessons

The tab for Thomas's weissenborn version of "Jurassic Park Theme" has been kindly donated & tabbed by Tom Heylen

The tab for "The Moment"  has been kindly donated by Thomas Oliver himself for hosting on this site. 

(Unknown author) This website features man many Ben Harper guitars tabs from all era's of his career

4 lap steel lessons with Fernando Perez for 19 Euros exclusively @

Rob Anderlik is a music teacher and dobro/weissenborn player. On his site he offers 3 weissenborn tabs for $10 a piece (NB, tab only, no lesson). The tunes are "Felling Bad Blues", "Nothing But The Blood" and 'Joe's Tune"

A free 9 part video lesson on Youtube as well as a free 4 page PDF tab file of his track "Autumn Reprise"

A site created by K.U. Grow called "Sliding Zone" he has tabbed many Ry Cooder (and other blues artists) songs and has a great collection of "Paris Texas" era tabs in open D 

The best online multiple video series for weissenborn for beginners to itermediate. For less than $10 you get upto an hour video lesson, full PDF tab and MP3.

This book features 14 compositions for lap steel including 6 for open D tuning

This book features the weissenborn tabs for

"Homage" and "Shallow Brown"

This page is designed to inform and share weissenborn tablatures where they are known to exist or where they can be downloaded, purchased, viewed or requested. If you have any tabs you wish to share or donate to TWiE please email me and i will gladly add them to this page.