The Dustbowl Children are an up and coming hungry young 4 piece from Devon/Cornwall, UK. The Weissenborn link for this review comes courtesy of front man Barney Kenny with whom we chatted to last year about his Weissenborn track “Wistmans Wood”. This EP is a proper band affair, very raw and full of energy, and loud …very loud. 

The bands last EP “English Skies” was very folk/roots orientated but this release is a completely different animal. This isn’t your normal delicate Weissenborn solos and soft arpeggio chord picking here. That’s not to say Barney can’t do that because he most certainly can, it’s a deliberate choice to crank up the energy and and dial in some boisterous attitude attuned to a more modern younger audience. 

Gigging like crazy anywhere they can they are working like mad dogs to get a shot at bigger things, and what’s exciting about that is the weissenborn is along for the ride taking centre stage each time they make a radio or festival appearance. It’s very refreshing to see the instrument being played out of its “comfort zone” with lashings of distortion and copious amounts of wah-wah on top. It’s an energetic eclectic mix of styles that are mashed together to form what the band call “Alt-Rock Swamp Blues”. Sound comparisons are not easy which in my experience is always a good thing because it means the band have something fresh and can’t be easily pigeon styled. 

The EP has 5 tracks and 3 have Weissenborn rocking out on them. “The Hook”, “Bad Lands” and my favourite of the 3 “Driving” which has lots of chewed up weissenborn crunch, pile driving drums and thumping bass lines all add up to a stand out track that must really get audiences attention live.  

Check out the bands bandcamp page and have a listen to the samples and if you live in the South West of England do try and catch them live as they need the support and you will be throughly entertained in the process.

The Dustbowl Children - "Hollow Lands" (EP) 

review by Aron Radford