The End

I am sorry to announce that from the 4th March 2018 “The Weissenborn Information Exchange” will be no longer an active domain. The website will continue to have a presence on the web for the foreseeable future but will no longer be adding new material or contents from this day forth.

Back in late 2017 I got diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and it made me refocus my life and analysis why I have obsessed over the Weissenborn so profoundly for last 5 years, and why I created and developed this website. I have a neurological compulsion to obsess over things and it’s been a pattern through out my whole life. When I get a new passion or hobby I take it to it’s furthest possible ends and go beyond what most people reach with their interests. 

For a while now I really feel like I have been swimming against a tide of apathy and that people don’t really care if this site exists or not. It’s just too much hard work and precious time to keep giving and having that nagging feeling of “What’s the point, am I making a difference? Is the website making a difference?” The honest answer it saddens me to say has to be “No it isn’t”. So when it boils down to it I have to admit I do all of this on the website for myself, for my own gratification, for my own pleasure, to fuel my own passion and interests. Well the passion is all used up and the will to keep going with this website has come to a halt with it. It’s not a decision I take lightly but one I have no qualms making, as in an Aspergers world it’s pretty black and white and I have no problems making bold sweeping decisions and drawing lines under things. The Weissenborn is still a passion of that I am still sure but I turned that passion into a website to fuel my obsession and Autistic tendencies and it no longer gives me what I crave. 

I can’t take the website any further than it already is. It has stalled and come to a slow but definite halt. I had big dreams of interviewing the likes David Lindley, Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper one day but they were just dreams, those guys were never going to talk to me I was just to small and insignificant to give their precious time to. I did try contacting these artists many many times but to no avail, no replies, no interest. I feel that these three artists alone were all that were stopping this website from gaining a personal feeling of completion, satisfaction and accomplishment in what I set out to do 5 years ago to create the web’s most complete and extensive data base for Weissenborn.

Another personal disappointment I will always carry with me is never getting Tony Francis to agree to an interview. I asked several times and for what ever reason he always ignored or declined my inquiries, I don’t think the man liked me and that profoundly saddens me as all I ever wanted to do was promote this wonderful instrument that he obviously loved just as much as I did. He is arguably the best Weissenborn luthier alive today (I personally put Bill Hardin at the top but Tony is a very very close second) and a Weissenborn dedicated website without an interview with him I see as an object failure on my part and one that gives the website a profound sense of incompleteness in my eyes. 

I plan on leaving the website domain open for at least the next 10 months but I am unsure of its long term existence past that given the cost it takes to keep it online every year. The website is what it was always supposed to be, an information exchange, a research tool, a data base, and on that level I see the website as a success. It just remains for me to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone of the artists and luthiers who have been part of this journey with me, I hope it has helped you all in some little way. Godbless you all and keep doing what you do.