About Us

Welcome to the New & Improved Weissenborn Information Exchange!

The Weissenborn Information Exchange originally created by Aron Radford quickly became an international hub for everything weissenborn. Aron was able to find in-depth content and interviews from international weissenborn artists and from astounded luthiers that are well-known for their weissenborns. Aron was truly passionate about the Weissenborn and in the process has really brought forth great historical value. These interviews and historical significance will continue on as we continue to build this site.

Now in 2019, Aron has handed over responsibility to myself, Matthew Nigro, previous co-owner of Iseman Guitars and Current owner of Kaka'ako Instruments based out of Hawai'i. I will be the sites Administrator and will make sure the historical and modern story of the weissenborn is continued to be told.

The website is continuing on with the addition of a member-forum and a selling platform allowing anyone to create a store and post any musical instruments and products.