An Interview With Bad Temper Joe

“Blue-Hearted” The weissenborn has always been and always will be a very good fit with blues music. It’s played with open tunings and a slide so it’s a physical fit straight away but more importantly i feel it offers a more subtle, softer approach than a square neck dobro or bottle neck resonator can. It

Alex Roberts Interview

When you listen to an Alex Roberts’s song for the first time it’s like meeting an old friend. He sings you intriguing stories and sentimentally reminisces in such a captivating way that familiarity is almost instantaneous. His honed song craft simply draws you in and holds your attention to the very last note. The warmth

Chris Haugen Interview

Chris Haugen is a recording artist and guitar tutor from North California who is a bonafide zen master on the lap steel guitar. His music sounds like it’s the soundtrack to some magical story of everything around him. He intuitively absorbs and tunes into things and then translates these moods and feelings into wonderful instrumental

John Merrill Interview By Aron Radford

TWiE Award winning Weissenborn player and total enthusiast John Merrill stormed onto the Weissenborn scene at the back end of 2014 with what I can only describe as a “blitz style” Weissenborn assault on YouTube that literally came out of nowhere. But as in all cases no one comes from nowhere and produces such a

“On Track” With Jesse Wolfe

Jesse Wolfe is an American singer songwriter who’s Americana Blues, Rock, Folk style of music is what I call honest, raw and totally engaging. His passion and conviction of delivery whether it be an ‘in your face’ hard hitting lyric or a ‘delicate guitar lick’ are always equally honed and passionate. Playing regular guitar since the age

“On Track” With Aron Radford

Aron Radford is a UK based Weissenborn recording artist who plays a melodic ambient style of instrumental Weissenborn music. After releasing a Weissenborn relaxation EP called ‘Elemental Weissenborn’ back in 2013 he has since released a collection of tunes called ‘ My Weissenborn Journey’ and is currently working on a new studio album. TWiE caught

“On Track” With Trevor Green

Trevor Green’s music is wonderfully spiritual and hypnotic. With his droning didgeridoo and chanting lyrical style you would be mistaken if you thought this artist was from the Southern Hemisphere but although the simulates to a certain Xavier Rudd are evident Trevor follows a parallel path in the Northern Hemisphere championing Native American people as

“On Track” with Matteo E. Basta

Matteo E. Basta is an Italian singer/songwriter that has forged a name for himself in his home country as a talented musician who has in recent years discovered the Weisseborn and utilised it to great effect. As well as finding out more about Matteo I was also interested in his coalition with Italian luthier Ermanno Pasquaato of Hermann Guitars and their joint guitar seminars and exhibitions promoting

Interview with Tim Kill Custom

Interview with Tim Kill Custom by Matthew Nigro TWIE | The Weissenborn Information Exchange   Aloha Tim! Thanks for talking with us, I really appreciate it, and I am happy to finish up right where Aron Radford left off. I know he was planning an interview with you so this is long overdue. First off,