Interview with Tim Kill Custom

Interview with Tim Kill Custom by Matthew Nigro TWIE | The Weissenborn Information Exchange   Aloha Tim! Thanks for talking with us, I really appreciate it, and I am happy to finish up right where Aron Radford left off. I know he was planning an interview with you so this is long overdue. First off,

Bill Hardin Luthier Feature

(Article written and donated by Andy Volk all copyrights applicable) Bear Creek Guitars Bill Hardin Bill Hardin is a man who’s reputation as a Weissenborn luthier is almost unrivalled in the modern age. Ever since I first saw, heard and played a weissenborn I was aware that Bill Hardin at Bear Creek Guitars was regarded amongst

Iseman Guitars Interview

There are many great luthiers and weissenborn manufacturers operating in the market place today but none have made such a striking impact as Iseman Guitars in recent years. Based in Hawaii, making Hawaiian guitars with local Hawaiian koa wood they consistently make the most gorgeous weissenborns i have ever seen. Every single one of their 80+

Celtic Cross Interview

Building Weissenborn guitars for two decades, In excess of 500+ hollow necks built and sold to date Neil Russell at Celtic Cross Instruments is quite possibly the most prolific post war Weissenborn luthier there’s ever been. With esteemed players Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper on his client list Neil has seen it all and could literally write

Rusen Hollownecks Interview

Michael Rusen is a small independent luthier based in Victoria BC, Canada. He is a part time weissenborn builder who has ambitions to become a full time luthier but is currently content with expanding his skills and repertoire in a controlled and scaled down manner. He was privileged to be taught and tutored by master weissenborn luthier Neil Russell of Celtic

Bowerman Guitars Interview

Jayson Bowerman of Bowerman Guitars is the luthier responsible for ‘that’ Ed Gerhard signature model, “you know the one … the one with the raised frets on the bottom bass string”. A truly unique piece of Weissenborn history that still holds players intrigue and fascination every time they see Ed play it. He trained under renowned luthier Kim Breedlove

Hermann Guitars Interview

One of Europe’s most popular and affable Weissenborn luthiers, Italian Ermanno Pasqualato has a solid and well earned reputation for building beautiful affordable instruments that sound every bit as good as they look. Never one to be constrained by convention his creations are as varied as they are eye catching as his imagine and creativity

Anderwood Guitar Interview

Anderwood Guitars have been synonymous with Weissenborns for as long as this site has existed. Their Weissenborns have been a ‘go to’ place for beginners and intermediate players alike for many years. Offering great value for money they had a guitar to suit nearly all pockets. But three years ago CEO Ed Greenfield embarked on