Selling Policy

Selling Policy

All registered sellers agree to the responsibility and fees that may incur while selling instruments on or TWIE.

A 1% Fee will be incurred on all products sold on the TWIE website to help administer the site.

ALL Products will be shared on TWIE’s Offical Facebook and Instagram in a timely manner to help promote the instruments.

All Sellers must have the ACTUAL products ready to sell and ready to ship within 2 business days. 

Refunds, Exchanges, or Returns are handled solely between the Vendor and the Customer. TWIE is not responsible or liable for any refunds, exchanges, or returns between a vendor and a customer. TWIE can as requested step in to handle any miscommunications, security and technical problems, or troubleshoot any ongoing issues. TWIE Supports PayPal and Stripe Payment Accounts.

Add Musical Products, Instruments, Accessories, Music, etc ONLY!

Do not add or sell unrelated products, they will be removed. TWIE has the option to delete any unrelated content or products.

Make sure to share your Products in the FORUM SECTION> CLASSIFIEDS  of the website.


Email: for questions or support.