Interview with Tim Kill Custom

Interview with Tim Kill Custom by Matthew Nigro TWIE | The Weissenborn Information Exchange   Aloha Tim! Thanks for talking with us, I really appreciate it, and I am happy to finish up right where Aron Radford left off. I know he was planning an interview with you so this is long overdue. First off,

Style Wise: Comparison

Do you know the differences between a style 1 and a style 3? or a style 2 from a style 4? It can be confusing to a Weissenborn newbie. So let us briefly explain in lay mans terms the differences between these “styles” of Weissenborns Just so we are clear this isn’t a definitive description or

Pickup Guide

So lets start this article off by saying “there are no Weissenborn specific pickups on the market right now”, they are all designed for conventional six string acoustic guitars. This is never more evident than when you notice the spacing of the magnetic poles on some pickups which are spaced for narrower six string instruments